• Darsh Ambaliya

The Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Artificial intelligence is one of the most prevalent themes in science fiction. This led me to make a documentary video of it. Artificial intelligence is beginning to reshape our world – so it’s incumbent upon us to understand it.

This 15 min video covers almost everything about artificial intelligence from its history to its future, that all you need to know such as- What is it? How it works? What it can do? How it will affect the future? Will it help us? What is dark side of it?

I have made this video after referring lots of articles and watching plenty of videos available over internet. I have created this video by merging scenes and content available from various videos to give you a better understanding of the artificial intelligence. I am sorry, if there is any mistake in this video, I have tried by best to make this video.

This was my first video hope you like it! You can comment down your suggestions and topics on which you would like to see a video like this one. More videos related to science and technology will be available soon, Also don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel- Supernova.

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